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How to install and disassemble inflatable boats
Many friends are not yet familiar with how to install and disassemble inflatable boats. Let's take a look below.
Before installing or disassembling the inflatable boat, first clean the hard objects nearby, then open and lay the boat flat at a good temperature of 15.5 ℃. Check that the spring rod of the live valve should be closed counterclockwise until the spring rod protrudes (note: the live valve should be closed before inflation, and the safety valve will automatically exhaust when inflated too much to protect the inflatable boat). Then, use the inflation pump to fill the middle keel with air, which serves as a support for the skeleton, Next, use a foot pump or an electric pump with adjustable air pressure and switch to inflate the hull according to the rated air pressure specified in the factory manual (note: compressed air pumps cannot be used for inflation, such as inflating tire pumps, as excessive inflation can damage the gaps and waterproof film of the inflatable boat). The installation of seats depends on the design of the inflatable boat. Generally, when the hull is inflated to half way, the two sides of the seat board should be clamped onto both sides of the hull first, Then fill the hull with air. After all the gas chambers of the ship are filled with gas, connect the oars and install them on the watercraft. Please refer to the instructions for specific installation.
When disassembling an inflatable boat, it is important to pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the hull. Then, open all the live valves, press down the spring rods, and lock them clockwise. If it is an aluminum pedal bottom, first remove the aluminum bracket and intermediate pedal, and then remove the bow and stern plates. Then, first compress the hull to release some air, and use a foot pump to extract all the air from the various air storage pipes of the boat. The bottom is then lowered downwards. First, fold the sides of the ship's side towards the hull, and then fold the bow towards the stern, Put it into a portable bag and store the hull in a clean and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. Be careful not to damage the hull by small animals (such as kittens).
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