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What is the difference between PVC ships and rubber ships
The difference between PVC ships and rubber ships can also be understood literally. PVC ships refer to a type of ship made of plastic material, while rubber ships, as the name suggests, are also made of rubber.
PVC ships are generally made of high-strength and thick mesh rubber, with a heavier, harder, wear-resistant, and sturdy hull. The ship adopts advanced high-frequency heat sealing molding technology in terms of technology, greatly reducing the total assembly time of the ship. The PVC ship also adopts a reinforced structure, which has excellent performance. Because the adhesive tape used for the hull is resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion, aging, good air tightness, and has a very strong and durable bonding fastness. Rubber boats, on the other hand, conform to the characteristics of rubber. The hull is relatively soft, lightweight, sturdy, and has good aging resistance.
Rubber is a type of polymer material. The high elasticity at room temperature is a characteristic of rubber materials, which is not possessed by any other material, hence rubber is also known as an elastomer. The performance of high elastic materials is that they have significant elastic deformation under external forces, up to 1000%. After removing external forces, the deformation quickly recovers, while metal materials with general elasticity have only about 1% deformation.
Rubber was originally considered raw rubber and can only be used after vulcanization. This series of processing was necessary to produce useful rubber products, which led to the rubber processing industry. The processing of PVC does not require vulcanization. If ignited with fire, PVC will turn into liquid, while rubber will only turn into ash. It is easy to distinguish from this appearance.
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