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Repair methods for PVC ships
The PVC ship adopts high-frequency heat sealing molding technology in the process, greatly reducing the total assembly time of the ship. It adopts a reinforced structure and has excellent performance. Although the performance of the ship is good, there may be malfunctions. Today, I will introduce the repair steps for PVC ships.
1. For repairs of small holes or holes smaller than 1-2 centimeters, special PVC discs with a diameter of approximately 6-7 centimeters are required for repair. The surface of the PVC sheet and the damaged part of the inflatable boat are clean and dry.
2. Release the gas inside the ship, ensuring that there are cuts or torn areas that are flat and placed on the ground.
3. After wiping it clean, evenly apply three thin layers of hull specific adhesive to the damaged part of the hull and the PVC sheet. After applying each layer, wait for five minutes to apply another layer. After ten to fifteen minutes, stick the PVC sheet to the damaged part of the stormboat hull,
4. Heat the material sheet with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.
5. Use a hard round stick (optional rolling pin) to roll back and forth at the patch. After repair, inflate and use after 24 hours.
The above is for the repair of small holes and large damaged areas of the hull, such as gaps, waterproof walls and tailboards. It is recommended to return the ship to the purchase factory or to a qualified inflatable boat repair center for repair.
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