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PVC ship manufacturers share maritime health knowledge
Many people enjoy adventure, especially at sea. For the sake of everyone's health, PVC ship manufacturers are now sharing knowledge about maritime health.
For survivors at sea, the danger comes from not wearing clothes and severe dehydration, which can worsen once seasickness occurs. At the same time, the sea has strong light, so to prevent eye injuries, a mask can be worn. If the ulcer is caused by strong light, soak a piece of cloth in seawater and tie it tightly to relax the eyes. However, the time should not be too long to avoid causing skin ulcers. If you are constipated, have difficulty urinating, or have concentrated urination, it is quite abnormal in harsh environments and should be treated with caution. Do not puncture or compress boils and bruises that have formed on the skin. Use salty seawater to carefully moisten the body, but not too frequently. If you have ulcers on your body, you cannot sprinkle seawater on your body.
In addition, if a small boat or rubber raft is not covered for a long time, water may accumulate everywhere in the boat, and the feet have to be soaked in seawater for a long time, which is a quite troublesome problem. Moderate exercise helps to protect your feet and prevent frostbite. Being naked is quite dangerous. When resting, cover your body well, and during observation, exercise your limbs slightly. When the sea surface fluctuates violently, release the anchor from the bow of the ship, so that the ship always follows the wind to prevent capsizing; Try to relax your body as much as possible on the boat, do not sit or stand by the boat, and do not suddenly exercise; If there are several lifeboats or rubber boats, connect them together.
PVC ship manufacturers also remind friends who enjoy maritime adventures to master the knowledge we have shared with you today.
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