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What are the differences between different materials of fishing boats
Many people don't understand the difference between aluminum alloy fishing boats and fiberglass fishing boats. Today, I will talk to you about it so that you can purchase fishing boats reasonably in the future.
The advantages of aluminum alloy fishing boats include the following five points:
1、 Don't worry about minor bumps. Although bumps may occur after bumps, there will be no water leakage, as aluminum alloy has durability.
2、 Lightweight, compared to the same type of fiberglass boat, it is a quarter lighter, and aluminum alloy fishing boats can also save one-fifth of fuel costs. The lighter weight can carry more people and items.
3、 The internal deck of aluminum alloy fishing boats has a large usage area, and fiberglass is made of molds. The wall thickness of the mold that is flipped out has a large open space, which will result in fiberglass boats of the same length and width having less internal space usage area than aluminum alloy fishing boats.
4、 Aluminum alloy fishing boats are more convenient and efficient in maintenance.
5、 In terms of price, aluminum alloy fishing boats are more cost-effective compared to fiberglass fishing boats.
The advantages of fiberglass fishing boats mainly include the following six points:
1. In terms of corrosion resistance, fiberglass fishing boats are more resistant to corrosion;
2. Fiberglass reinforced plastic products produced by a certain production process are to some extent less prone to deformation than aluminum alloys;
3. The service life of fiberglass is longer than that of aluminum alloy;
4. More environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and potentially more expensive;
5. It is not afraid of slight impact. Its hardness and strength are better than those of aluminum alloy. Some bulletproof clothes are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic;
6. Fiberglass fishing boats are more aesthetically pleasing in appearance.
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