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Precautions for Using Drifting Boats
The drifting boats produced by our company have good air tightness and wear resistance, long service life, and use imported air valves, which are convenient and reliable. All bonding parts are bonded with imported adhesive, and the peel strength, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance, and other properties are greatly superior to domestic adhesive. Even in sunlight, the firmness of the connection parts of the airship is fully guaranteed. However, we still need to remind everyone to pay attention to the following issues when using rafting boats:
1、 Drifting boats are not allowed to carry cash or valuable items on board during use. If there is a capsizing or other unexpected event, the drifting company and insurance company will not compensate tourists for the lost cash and items;
2、 If you feel that the opportunity is rare and you must bring a camera, bring a waterproof camera;
3、 When a drifting boat passes through a dangerous beach, it should follow the instructions of the staff and not move casually. It should tightly grasp the safety rope, tighten its feet, and tilt its body towards the center of the ship.
Please remember the precautions during the use of rafting boats and take responsibility for your own and others' safety.
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